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The Top 10 things to bring with you on a Cosplay Photoshoot

When planning a cosplay photoshoot it can be very easy to overlook the smaller details and items you may need during your shoot, especially if you're in a rush!

So we thought we would compile a list of things that we recommend you bring in order to help you plan! Some of them even learned from our very own cosplaying experiences!

#10 - A Water Bottle

That's right! For us, bringing a water bottle is incredibly fundamental for when you are on a photoshoot! As we all know, water can keep us refreshed and hydrated on a hot summers' day, especially when doing a lot of physical exercise such as walking, running, or even performing! You would be amazed at how many people can disregard it as just a small detail! Without proper hydration you can experience headaches, decreased energy, dry mouth and even dizziness in more serious cases! This is why it is always super handy to have a water bottle near; so you can make sure that your hydration levels are properly topped up! We wholeheartedly recommend bringing one with you, even if you don't end up drinking any of it!

#9 - A Power Brick

While we don't recommend being on your phone during your shoot it is also an incredibly handy item to have with you! Mobile phones are great for keeping in touch with your friends if you're at a convention, they're great for taking selfies and behind the scenes images, and for keeping with you in case of an emergency situation! What can be disastrous is if your phone's battery dies during your shoot! Maybe because you pushed it too far and took that one extra selfie, or if you were in the middle of a call or text to someone important, or maybe you were just checking some character pose references and your phone dies; you are then left without any way to get in touch with people!

This is why we recommend bringing a "power brick" with you! Sometimes known as a "power strip" or "portable charger" these amazing items can resurrect your phone without the need for you to find your nearest power outlet (which can be pretty difficult if your shoot is outdoors!) Just remember to charge them up once you've used it so it can be used next time too!

#8 - Makeup

Just like Usagi your makeup can help you transform! While you may have used half a bucket of setting spray and all the 24 hour and waterproof products that you can find, your makeup won't last forever, no matter what you tell yourself! That's why it is a great idea to bring a small bag of the essentials like your lipstick, some blush, eyelash glue, powder, setting sprays, and anything else you used that day that may need a top up! This includes face paints, gems, or even glitters! Bringing these items along can help make sure that your makeup, body paints or any cosmetic extras are all on fleek for those up and close cosplay shots!

#7 - A Compact Mirror

So think about it, if you carry a tiny mirror in your bag ready for when you need it, every time you open it you can say: "Tiny Mirror in my hand, who's the fairest in the land?" If that alone doesn't sell this idea to you, we can of course consider the more practical side of things... Compact mirrors can be a fantastic way to view and fix up parts of your makeup or wig that may have run a little wild! This is especially beneficial when you don't have a helper or friend with you! Not to mention it pays to see where you're reapplying that make-up or hairspray to!

#6 - Bobby Pins and U-Pins

Bobby Pins and U-Pins are a cosplayer's, or any veteran wig wearer's for that matter, bread and water! U-pins are particularly helpful for keeping wigs or accessories safe and secured on your head! Bobby Pins are perfect for securing your natural hair underneath your wig cap and to make sure any flyaways or parts of your styling remain in place! It can be extremely helpful to bring extras of these along on your shoot just in case you start to feel any "slip-back" in your wig or any pieces of your styling fall out of place!

#5 - A Small Brush and Scissors

While a Dinglehopper may not be very useful to you on a cosplay photoshoot, a small brush and scissors can be! They're perfect for helping you get rid of those irritating flyaway hairs and ensuring that you can get the best shots of your cosplay and wig possible!

#4 - Fashion Tape and Emergency Sewing Kit

There is nothing worse than being on a photoshoot and having a costume malfunction and being unable to fix any mishaps! You can purchase a small emergency sewing kit for as little as $5.00 and it can be the biggest life saver! Emergency sewing kits usually contain some safety pins, fabric pins, small bobbins of thread, scissors, a tape measure, a threader, needles, and sometimes even a quick un-pick! Fashion tape can also be a great quick and fast solution for any wardrobe malfunctions especially when it comes to securing those pesky fabric seams that won't stay put!

#3 - Hairspray

We couldn't resist making a reference to the musical Hairspray for this one, however, bringing some hairspray is yet another one of those lifesaving photoshoot hacks we've been talking about! Hairspray can be fantastic for securing any flyaway hairs or parts of your style that may be falling apart! Topping up your style with hairspray along side with a small brush, comb, and some bobby pins can ensure your wig stays fresh and neat throughout your shoot and even a whole convention!

#2 - Sunscreen

BRING. SUNSCREEN. We can't stress this enough! Even on days were it doesn't feel as warm it is always important to wear sunscreen if you plan on being outdoors in the sun! This one is from personal experience, you can and will get burned! Getting sun burnt can be extremely dangerous and damage your skin and by bringing sunscreen you can guarantee that you can top up and keep safe out there!

#1- A friend.

Now although a friend isn't a thing you can bring we still think that having a friend with you is extremely nifty when it comes to cosplay photoshoots! Bringing a friend means that they can help you achieve those magic like "cape flutters", "hair flips", and "costume movement" shots! Taking a friend along to your photoshoot also means that you have someone there to help you when you need to adjust your costume for an image, fix your make-up, wig or any costume malfunctions! Also it's a great way to assist you in feeling more comfortable and ease at photoshoots, not only that, a friend can cheer you on from the sides when you're 'werking' and strutting your stuff!

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