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Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your.... braid pillow?

We've made a step-by-step guide to follow on how to attach a braid pillow to your Wigs Everlasting Rapunzel wigs!

What is a braid pillow?

A braid pillow is a cushioned pad covered in either satin, canvas, or cotton materials! This product may have grommets, button-holes, or loops you can use to attach it directly to your gown so it won't move! In short, it looks like a funny long pillow!

What does it do?

Braid pillows stop the fabric of your garment rubbing against the fibers of your wig and fraying them! It also helps to keep those big long braids locked in place for any conventions or performances you may have! Using a braid pillow doesn't mean you don't need to care and maintain your Rapunzel wig at all, but it does help you keep the number of maintenance sessions and restyles to a minimum!

Where can I get a braid pillow?

When you purchase our Rapunzel inspired wig from our store we include a braid pillow for you to use! Our braid pillows are made from a thick, high-quality canvas material, made and sold by Mayari Moon Designs! They can also be purchased from our store individually! Alternatively, you can also DIY your own braid pillow!

So how do I attach one to my wig?

Here is our quick 4 step guide to help you attach your braid pillow! This guide is designed around the braid pillows we stock and sell! Our braid pillows were designed by Mayari Moon Designs to work in tandem with our Rapunzel inspired wig's size, length, and style! This guide can, however, be modified to fit other braid pillow designs!

STEP 1: Put on the wig and line up the braid pillow to the back of your shoulder. If you put it on the front of your shoulder it will not distribute weight properly.

STEP 2: Mark on your dress where the loops of the braid pillow (on the underside) fall. This is where you will place your buttons.

STEP 3: Sew the buttons onto the marked location! We recommend that you use 1 inch to 1.25-inch buttons!

STEP 4: To attach the braid pillow, put the wig on after the dress, and loop the loops of the braid pillow around the attached buttons. Then you can run, race, dance, chase, leap, bound, splash, and reel with your hair flying and your heart pounding to your heart's content!

Model: Megara Hope Cosplay

We hope that this guide helps all of our followers and clients on their cosplay and performing journeys! Please, if you have any more questions let us know in the comments and we will do our best to help! ✨

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