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10 Wig Maintenance Tools we recommend that you have in your styling kits!

The most effective way to make your wigs last longer is to maintain them! Although it sounds intimidating at first, maintaining your wig can be done very easily, especially with the right tools! So we've put together a list to help you so that you are able to find the tools we use to maintain our own wigs more easily!

A Wire Brush

We recommend that when you are brushing out a synthetic wig, you use a wire brush and not a plastic one! Plastic brushes can create those pesky tangles and cause static in the fibers that you definitely don't want! Plastic rubbing against plastic is not great for your wig, and if you use a plastic brush on your synthetic wig you eventually just end up with a whole tumbleweed on your hands...

So, we recommend that you use a wire brush in order to keep your fibers nice and smooth and to avoid any of that static electricity!

A Canvas Wig Form

In order to maintain your bangs and keep those curls looking fresh, we would recommend that you have a canvas wig block on hand!

These are relatively inexpensive wig styling tools, but they are pretty essential. Especially if you intend on restyling or touching up any parts of your wig like its bangs. Styling on a polystyrene wig head can prove problematic, as these tend to measure up smaller than a human's head. This can cause your styling and wig to fit much smaller than intended.

We recommend that you find a wig block that fits closely with the measurements of your own head. In order to measure your head, measure from your forehead, around down to the nape of your neck, and back up to your forehead on the other side.

A Wig Stand

If you intend on doing some restyling or touch-ups, we suggest that you get a wig stand for your canvas block! This will help you style things with much more ease!

However, if you only intend on doing small touch-ups a great alternative to a wig stand (and more of a space-saver) is a table clamp. These nifty devices clamp onto your table and you are then able to place your wig block onto the clamp!

These keep stop your wig head from moving everywhere and potentially falling over when you're brushing out, for example, some pretty intense knots.

A Teasing Brush or Comb

One item we especially recommend you use when restyling is a teasing brush or comb: in particular a teasing comb!

This comb is perfect for getting your bangs to take back their previous shape and former glory, or even to create entirely new bangs! The five pins help you to shape your style while the comb on the opposite end helps you to negotiate the volume within your style!

This comb is a must-have for anyone who styles wigs or needs to perform maintenance on them! But be careful not to go too crazy while volumizing! We all know a power like this can go to any stylist's head, professional or not!

Mane and Tail Detangler.

Now we weren't paid to say this... but Mane 'n Tail, if you're reading, we wouldn't begrudge any affiliate links or gifted products!

All jokes aside, we love this product! This is a silicone-based spray and you can use this in order to help you brush out even the most challenging of knots in your wig!

Our stylist, Ashton, has saved many an old wig base during restyles just by using this and a steamer!

You can find this product in most local beauty stores! However, we wouldn't recommend using this in your natural hair to combat knots, as this product does not feature ingredients that provide adequate nutrition for natural hair fiber.

Floral Pins

Now, these little things are any wig owner's bread and butter! However, most people are unable to find them as they don't know the name of them!

Floral pins are perfect for helping you secure your wig to your wig block and to set a style in place! These pins are amazing and come with a pearl head on the top so that they don't tangle in your wig as T-pins do!

We recommend that you purchase Floral Pins that are at least 1 and a half-inch long! These will help you achieve the best results when touching up or restyling bangs.

A Steamer

"Hello, ladies, look at your wig, now back to this steamer, now back at your wig, now back to the steamer. Sadly, you don't have a steamer, but if you stopped using boiling methods that are dangerous and bad for your wig and used a steamer, your wig could look as good as new. Look down, back up, where are you? You’re on a boat with the wig your wig could look like. What’s in your hand, back at me. I have it, it’s an oyster with two tickets to that thing you love. Look again, the tickets are now diamonds. Anything is possible when you use a steamer. I’m on a horse."

We're a big fan of steamers here at Wigs Everlasting as you can probably tell... Wig steamers are the perfect way to get your wigs back to their former glory! We absolutely recommend using a steamer in order to steam out old styles and set new ones!

A Strong Hairspray

Hairspray is much like the very thin glue that holds our lives together during con crunches...but it does have an even better use than just holding our sanity together during con seasons and that use is on wigs!

When we style and touch up wigs, we use both sculpting and finishing sprays. For maintenance and touch-ups, we recommend that you use a finishing hairspray like Got2be Glued!

This stuff is great for helping you maintain the shape of your bangs, curls, and to manage those flyaways! This is a very strong hairspray, so while it's amazing for wigs we wouldn't always recommend it for use on your natural hair! If you're looking to style a wig from scratch, especially a sculpted bang, you may want to consider using more of a sculpting hairspray.


If you own a wig, chances are you already have these for applying your wig! But did you know that you are able to use them in styling too? That's right! These bad boys act as a double-pronged pin, helping you to keep pieces of hair in place!

If you don't already have these, they are a fantastic way to grip your wig to your natural hair as well! Bobby pins are amazing for use on the surface of a wig, making sure that pieces of hair or parts of styling don't move! But, in order to put your wig on we recommend that you use U-pins!

Using these in conjunction with a wig cap is our favorite way to put on a wig! Making sure you place two where your mickey ears would go, two behind your ears, and some at the base of your neck! After that, you can add as many as you like until your wig feels secure! Don't forget to make sure that they are properly placed, and you can't see them above the wig's fibers though!

A Set of Shears

So many people are afraid to cut their wigs, especially the bangs, but leaving them too long can make them look unnatural. Try point cutting to dust off small bits of length when needed, but be careful! You can always take off more hair, but you can't (always) put it back. In addition to this, they can get extremely annoying as they would be falling into your eyes when you are wearing your wig!

When we are working on restyles and touch-ups, we just simply use shears to just cut any stray-hairs or flyaways that refuse to co-operate with us, resulting in nice, smooth bangs.

We hope that you found this list to be helpful in your cosplay and performing journeys! If you have any more questions, please don't hesitate to ask us in the comments below!

If you are interested in learning even more about Wig Maintenance you can view our panel from Katsucon 2020, "Wig Maintenance 101", through our Facebook page!

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